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Amazing to Normal November 19, 2009

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There was a great article I came across on the Cool Cat Teacher Blog titled “From Amazing to Normal”. In the post,  Vicki Davis responds to the following comment made by Chris Beltcher, another blogger. The post stated:

“It’s time to stop being so “amazed” at things that are just part of the technological and cultural landscape of life in the 21st century.  It’s not “amazing” that computers can edit video, manage numbers or manipulate digital images. It’s not “amazing” that mobile phones can stream live video or GPS your current position.  It’s not “amazing” that you can make phone calls to the other side of the planet at no cost…”

Upon reading this myself, I was agreeing with Beltcher because I’m somewhat of a techno geek versus the rest of the teachers I work with. I get AMAZED by their amazement of things. When several of them received a projector, Smart Airliner, document camera, and voice magnifier, it was as if they had been given the most amazing things ever. I had already been spoiled with these things my first year teaching in Arizona. Actually, when I returned to Kentucky and only had an overhead projector I wanted to cry because I wasn’t really sure how to teach with it. This year I gained back all my equipment, but it wasn’t amazing to was all the tools I needed to teach. So, I can definitely understand his point. There are some things that need to make the transition from “amazing” to just a part of life. 

After stating the post from his blog, Vicki Davis wrote her own response. It was after reading hers that I realized why the amazement exists and why it is vital. Davis discussed that the amazement is a good thing because people are willing to try something new and you have to start somewhere. She even mentions being amazed by her own iTouch because she didn’t always have one. I’m personally amazed by my iPhone because everything I need to do online I’m pretty much able to do on there, plus talk, and listen to music. I also get amazed at what MySpace and Facebook has brought to the world. When I lived away from home those two sites made me feel a little better. I even found my cousin from Michigan on MySpace that I had not spoken to since I was like 10! It is hard for me to even think of my life before I had an account on those sites.

There was one thing that stood out to me in the entire post because I feel like it explains exactly why people tend to come to me for guidance with their amazing tools aside from the fact I am well-trained to use them:

“And yet, we have to temper how we feel with the reality that a lot of good people in education out there are really just now starting to begin to understand these tools and patience and helpfulness when they are ready is a great asset in our desire for change.”

When I train my fellow teachers, I am very patient because I know they will give up it I’m not. It has been a long and difficult road for several of the veteran teachers, but I think they’ve finally gotten the hang of it. I’m always there for them and willing to help them use whatever it is they want to use.  Being able to get everyone on board with these tools is a goal I have because I know it will lead to them wanting to push for more verses begging for less. Our kids need it. It’s their future.


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